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2018 04 06
My first update on this page is a very positive one, this morning when i walked Baloo, a car slowed down close to me, the driver spitted on me and then continued to drive away. Most people would have told the police, i didn't ... i smiled and told my self.... look, you have reached your first goal.... people starts to get worried.... very worried :-)
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2018 04 07
What about printing stickers and offering all the shops and bars in Mijas pueblo.
1 euro piece, to put on their windows.
The companies in the village have received their customers thanks to the donkeys for many years now without paying anything in return.
Its now.... they turn there heads away.... pretending like nothing.
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We don't support animal cruelty
We don't support animal cruelty

2018 04 07
As long as wrong type of people, handle the donkeys, people that knows nothing about how to treat animals, the donkeys and there hunting dogs will live in an environment of animal cruelty where they are used as cache machines.... nothing else. The donkey business has to be stopped completely. I am at the moment communicating with tourist information company in 11 different country's, trying to get them to stop there publicity about mainly the donkeys but also Mijas pueblo. One of them told me.... we stopped taking our clients to Mijas pueblo 2 years ago... we felt a shame when our clients cried leaving the village 
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2018 04 08
I am so grateful, thanks to 
Patricia Hofstein Berlin DE
Roger Chapman Newcastle UK
Annie Winter Marbella ES
Anders Bergman Anderstorp SE
John and Maria Mijas ES
Yesterday i could order my becoming home for 4 month, a tent :-)
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2018 04 09
Some good news.
Among 11 countries' tourist agencies, one of them replied, we removed all the advertisements of Mijas pueblo 2 years ago because of the animal cruelty with the donkeys.
Today I have received a reply from Denmark, they will take everything away from there brochures about Mijas pueblo.
Sad that we have to kill the village... Sad that people and business in Mijas pueblo have done nothing about this during the last 40 years this has been going on.... more than pretending like nothing. I will not go to bed, knowing im one of them.
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2018 04 11
The page has been up for 6 days.
20487 visitors, from 21 country's, 78% has clicked and seen all the pages on this page, 57 % has been on the page more than once.
Im sure, we have informed and stopped some tourists riding and contribute to making the donkey cruelty continue.
We will defiantly see less tourists on the donkeys backs this summer and my goal is, when i start my walk, the media will wake up and help me with the rest. By the summer 2019 or 2020..... i hope the donkeys are gone from Mijas pueblo. I offered the town hall a better future for them, they where not interested and Nuria had more important things to do, rather then come to the meeting i had sat up. Less tourists in Mijas Pueblo will in time put an end to the barbaric animal cruelty that has been going on for a to long time.
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2018 04 14
A sunny Saturday in Mijas pueblo
And im so grateful for all the e mails from people out there, supporting me.
Im so grateful for those 7 people who not just talked, they really helped me and now my tent has arrived :-)
So far not a word from anyone in Mijas pueblo.... we are back to square no 1, the famous Mijasa pueblo mentality.... pretending like nothing goes on as always.
But..... i knew it from the begging and i was prepared.
When the donkeys are free from there horrible life in this depressing village, its thanks to people from other parts of Spain and Europe
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2018 04 15
Very soon, this is the window I will sit in, with a beautiful view over the Mediterranean.
It's from here I will continue my fight for the barbaric animal cruelty in Mijas pueblo.
It's from here I will continue to hopefully finish my book "The truth about Costa del sol" before I start my walk.
A peaceful place..... far away from the dark depressing cloud, hanging over Mijas pueblo
It has nothing to do with all the death threats I have had from some stone age people in the village.
The false village is killing me slowly day by day and I need a healthy normal environment not to completely sink to the bottom of the "Mijas pueblo depression"..... as all of you knows about, that has lived in the village and finally been able to pack up and leave.
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2018 04 18
A sunny day in Mijas Pueblo.
Spent an hour in my favourite place Koco Bistro, counting the tourists riding the donkeys. All together during 60 min... just 9 people left there brain at home. The village is full of tourists but something tells me..... less and less people on the donkeys the last... 4 years.
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2018 04 19
To days competition
What can you see ?
And the right answer is.
2 miss treated donkeys an 2 fat asses 
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2018 04 23
Just a thought....
How come Spain is a member of the European union...?
In European country's animal cruelty is not legally, i guess its not legally in Spain to but.... in Spain its culture and the law prefer to look another way.
In Spain an animal has no value as long as they doesn't  make any money from it.
A dog is given to a child as a toy, when the family realise that the dog poop in the house if no one walks it and when its not funny as a toy anymore.... open the door and kick it out or drive it away and let it out so the dog cant find the way back home.
We have the famous Podenco dogs and the Galgo dogs, used for hunting, locked up during 11 month a year under horrible conditions, fed once a week to keep them hungry for the hunting season.
What do the hunters do with the dogs that are no good for hunting ?.....
They hang them, slit there throats, run them over or just leave them in the mountains.
To let a bull live a few years as a king, and then slowly be killed by some one looking like a female dancer, or why not just let them out in the town to be stressed to death by neanderthal people.... that is so funny if you are borne in a cave.
Then we have the poor donkeys, that instead of being killed, has to suffer day after day, month after month, year after year, to end up killed and used as dog food for the hunting dogs.
We have animal cruelty all over the world but i think Spain is one of the few countries where this is still a type of amusement and still "Culture"
I vote for.... "Spain out of the European union" and welcome back when you realise its 2018
What you all see on internet is just the top of the iceberg. 

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2018 04 24
Its funny?
All together i have 21 different e mails in my inbox from different types of media all over Europe, about doing reportage and TV.
1 from Spain and its not even a Spanish magazine.
Pretend like nothing, and the problem does not exist ... 
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2018 04 25
People are saying that the donkey walkers and owners are "Dumb", a bit "slow in there head", some of them are "retarded", some "cant read or wright" and some have "never left the village"
Last night when i took my dogs for a walk, i met one of them, when he saw us..... he tried to run me over.
So i dont know what word of the one above i will use but im picking.... "retarded" and continue.... you know where i live..... why dont you come to knock on my door fucking coward.... and i promise you...... you will spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.... if you are lucky.  I spoke to a policeman this morning.
His word was, translated to English.... we cant do anything if you dont have a solid proof.... the donkey people are from another planet , acting and living like animals them self and we feel a shame for having them in the village.
Well.... i can..... i will spend the rest of my life making there business going under, day by day they will have less and less people turning there taxed money over to become black money for a donkey ride.
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2018 05 10
Its been a lot this week, a TV interview in Paris, a meeting with green peace. Back home and very tired.
On next weeks schedule is an interview for The olive press and a speech in Fuengirola for a very big organisation. 
Its so sad..... Mijas Pueblo didn't want a solution to this problem..... this time the town hall made a very big mistake..... they thought i would give it up as all the other one have done.
My offer still stands...
When i have written on paper, that something will be done for the donkeys to improve there life... then i will put my plan B on hold.
Sense no one can trust anything from the Town hall in Mijas pueblo..... it has to be written and signed on a contract.
No one will be happier than me if that day comes..... except the donkeys.
I feel very lonely in my fight at the moment, all the support i had from people around is like gone, everything has gone back to...... pretending like nothing. 
But.... when i go to sleep every night, thinking of the poor donkeys situation.... i can sleep a bit better..... knowing that at least i have done what i can to help.
And once again..... thank you so much to those few people out there and far away from Mijas pueblo that has helped me by sending some money for my walk.
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2018 05 15
To days update, 10 a clock.... The mayour of Mijas pueblo has asked for a meeting, lets see what it brings, if it brings anything at all.<br>
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2018 05 22
Sadly and as always.... the meeting the Mayor and Nuria asked for.... ended up with.... We promise you to as we speak, start a conversation with the donkey owners, No adult people on a donkeys back just children, adult people on the trolley behind and signs by the donkeys about those rules, daily checks that this rule will be followed. The police will be informed to keep an eye on this to. Nothing has happen, not even a try to start a dialog with the donkey owners. Therefore, i have decided to go back to my plan B, instead of giving the donkeys a better future by building a stable for them, i will now continue to work by my self sense no one can be trusted. Now i welcome all the media out there all over Europe back and together.... lets inform tourists about the poor donkeys true life to make sure no one rides the donkeys in the future. I will end this work by the first of April ( if there is any donkeys left working in the village at all by that time) start my donkey walk, 4500 kilometres, Spain, France, England, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark and finally Sweden. Sense i have had so many death threats.... i will not let you follow my walk by a live GPS map but instead upload films several times a day about where i am, not my goal for the day.
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2018 05 25

Sense the town hall has stopped to work together with us in the future and once again act like nada, ignoring promises and questions. I have to day decided that what ever lies they come up with in the future, to try to gain time.... i will not buy it. I have to day explained to the Mayor after his ignorant answers, that we have no "Working together" All of you.... keep on fighting but dont fall for there promises and lies. 80 kilos on an old, sick, hungry bad treated donkey after 10 hour work with stupid tourists on there backs, is way to much, on top of this comes there silly equipment they are carrying 12 hours a day. And even if they put that rule up, it wouldn't be followed. Keep on fighting, lets make sure there are no donkeys left in Mijas by next summer. If people stop riding them it will die out and hopefully there owners will be offered a job in the town to test dog shit for DNA. I have tried for so many years now and im fed up with the town hall. What ever goal you reach in the future i will continue my way of fighting and it is to make Mijas pueblo very famous for what it is, for whats going on and for all the hidden secrets that must be the reason that this illegally way of keeping donkeys can continue. My way is as you all know to invite media... and my 4500 kilometres walk, make sure we will have NO EUROPEAN tourists in the future riding the donkeys and no more suffering new donkey to this depressing village. I was stupid.... when people from the town hall begged me.... please lets have a meeting and i swallowed there lies.... once again. For all of you out there, from all the country's. Share my long fight with contacts you have in the media and i will let them know my story. And they are all welcome to see me during my walk. very important is .... share my pages, make all of your friends that might visit Mijas Pueblo in the future know.... how silly they look in a 15 min ride, for 20 euro, on the inside ... dead donkey.
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Just another Shame for the donkeys, and of cause the town hall supports this children's book, about a donkey working in Mijas pueblo and its wonderful life.
What ever you do, dont buy it, dont tell lies to your children

The Donkeys of Mijas Pueblo

2018 06 02
Why did it take me 7 long years to make things happen with the poor donkeys in Mijas Pueblo? I did it the same way as everybody else has done during 50 years. I tried to fight the Town Hall. during all those years, big organisations, media from all over Europe and people that have visited Mijas to see the animal abuse them selves, have tried without any results at all. I came up with 2 ideas. Give the donkeys a better future or close it down completely. The town hall was not interested in a better future for the donkeys so. To close there barbaric way to make black money ( yes im saying black money, as long as they refuse you a receipt for your 20 Euro, the money you hand over will become black ) on a donkey ride and the way they keep those poor donkeys cant take more than maximum a year i thought, if i have not succeed i will end it with my 4500 kilometres walk just to make sure people starts to use there brains and to make Mijas Pueblo famous fort its truth. I understood that to fight the responsible one in the town hall, was like watching white pant drying. I have done more harm to the donkey business and to the town hall during the last 3 months, than those 7 last years with the Facebook page " Mijas pueblo animal cruelty " The donkeys life will never be any better..... what ever promises they will come up with to save there faces. The donkeys will still have the same owners and that is the main problem. Thanks to all of you that supports me by sharing my things from this page and from the Facebook page and my web page i can tell you all..... we have reached so many hundreds of thousands of people, some of them tourists of this pueblo, and the last 3 months is the first time ever we all can see a big change to this problem. The donkey rides has gone down with at least 50% I need you all to continue to share, let your friends all over the world know, share it on your pages and talk to people. The high season starts now and hopefully this is there last season, hopefully there will be no reason to bring the donkeys to work by next summer cause there is no stupid people left to ride them. Some days ago, i was warned by the Guardia Cicvil.... Mike you have to leave the village, roomers saying something will happen to you. I asked, why dont you do anything about it then ? The answer i had was ( translated to English) We cant, we cant do anything if so far nothing has happen to you, these people are dangerous and its impossible to talk to them sense they are not normal in there head. Well.... im staying, why should i leave now when we for the first time ever can see proof of the light at the end of the dark tunnel. We have far away reached our goal and i still need you and your support. To all of you that has helped me with donations..... wow i am so grateful, yesterday i could ad tomatoes to my salad :-) Thank you so much all of you. I have promised my self that nothing will stop me. If the barbaric animal cruelty is still going on by the first of April 2019.... i will start my walk. If not before..... my walk will stop it and sadly..... less tourists visiting Mijas Pueblo for sure.
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2018 06 07
To day is just another very tragic day, the village is full of "stupid tourists" and to many suffering donkeys has to carry those adult and overweight people around.
We can all see..... the new rules has as usually nothing to do with adult people on the donkeys backs.
I cant understand how a town hall can ignore the pressure from Europe and i cant understand that clients for the donkeys are told to fuck of..... if they ask for a receipt.
Its obvious that in Mijas Pueblo its the 9 wannabe mafia family's, putting the rules up for the town hall...... or is it..... Money is talking ?
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Sadly, there is some media that doesn't do any recherche at all before they put there lies out, like this gossip amateur reporter Best Magazine 

2018 07 14
Some people saying " he has harmed the village so much"
I can look at this comment in 2 ways...

If i have harmed the village, means i have come closer to my goal, less people riding the donkeys and the horses, things has finally started to happen, the village has started to wake up, now they understand that.... this guy will not give it up as all the other does after some time, by fear.
If people choose to completely stop visiting Mijas Pueblo.... i think its time for you to ask your self.... why?

If my truth about the poor donkeys in Mijas Pueblo, has harmed the village by being seen and known all over Europe..... maybe you should have done something about this long time ago, maybe you should have put pressure on the town hall, maybe you should have demanded the donkey owners to treat there donkeys and horses with respect.... long time ago.

You didn't and you all pretended like nothing was wrong wit a bit of animal cruelty, as long as it brought you, your business and the village money.

I gave the town hall and Mijas 2 options, a stable for free and spread the news about the donkeys new nice life out there or..... spread the truth about how it is to day..... out there.
I was ignored by more lies, no one believed that i wouldn't fall for pressure and lies as all the other one has done, and give it all up.
I didn't and i will continue, if it harms the village..... well talk to the town hall, they are the responsible one or the donkey owners...... but it seams to me like the donkey owners are the one who put the rules up for the town hall and the people in the village...... I just cant understand why all of you are so scared for them ?
They are as they act...... just a bunch of idiots.

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