A normal day for a donkey

The donkeys are hidden away from the tourists at night time, in horrific concrete bunkers, bound to the wall, they cant move or lay down.
Those places are full of faeces, that are days and weeks old.
There is no water connected which means a donkey can never be cleaned, and the hidden bunker can never be cleaned.

They are kicked and mistreated on a daily bases, i have been told that the best place to kick them is there testicles, another solution is to hit them with a key between the fingers, it really works, if that dosen't work, hit them with a rope over the nose or hit there eyes.

Also when they have there heavy equipment on, they are moved from the wall they have been bound up to during the night, to be bound up behind a trolley in a 30 cm long rope... and once again they cant move.

They will be walked to the centre of Mijas pueblo where they will be bound to another wall, waiting for a tourist to come to ride them.
The ride takes about 20 min, still bound up to the trolley in front of them, they can expect to be frequently kicked by the donkey handlers, maybe hit with a rope over there nose.... during this walk with a heavy adult tourist on there back in maybe 45 degrees heat.
In summer time the donkeys are in the village from 8 o clock in the morning, to 10 a clock in the evening, taking tourists around the village.

The donkeys are filthy, tired, hungry, thirsty, old and ill, if you look in their eyes.... you can see not only deep sadness but also extreme pain, both emotional and physical.

After a long day is finally over, still bound up to a trolley, they are walked back to there shelters, there equipment is taken of and they will now be fed with very poor quality food for example..... white old leftover bread from some of the bars in the village and other stale out of date food and then they are bound up to the wall for the whole  night hour without a tourist on there back.
A days work is over, the donkeys has not been cleaned, there hooves are destroyed, there legs and stomachs are full of weeks old faeces. Sick and tired,  repeatedly kicked and hit its now night time to sleep in a dark dump, stinking concrete bunker, no windows just open holes in the wall, its a stormy rainy night and the same conditions inside the donkeys sleeping area.
Just another day has passed for one of the donkeys in Mijas Pueblo, not a kind word, no cuddling, not been able to lay down and rest, no play time walking around with donkey friends. Just dragged around tired and injured since the last time it was kicked, on top of this...... with 10 or 15 overweight tourists that have no problem at all making sure this can continue by paying money for a donkey ride, as long as they have fun and dont care about  the welfare of the animals or..... how silly they look on the back of an old tired donkey in 30 to 50 degrees heat, this can continue.

Some days a donkey has a day off which means, a night, a day and another night bound up to the wall in the bunker, the donkey walkers calls this for a days rest.

The money you pay for a donkey ride..... is not controlled or declared, no one knows how many times a donkey is walked a day, if you let your child go for a ride..... Ask for a receipt..... this means less money to share with some of the people in the town hall that allows this barbaric animal cruelty to continue year after year.