The town hall of Mijas pueblo

The famous Nuria, the responsible one for this animal cruelty

Mijas pueblo is famous for its beauty, white washed houses and for a town hall that supports animal cruelty.

I had a positive, constructive idea that would have put all those years of suffering to an end, i invited the town hall and the responsible one "Nuria Rodríguez Cubero" To a meeting on Tuesday April 3rd, lots of people attended the meeting  but the town hall once again did not come.

My idea was to buy land, build an up to date stable for all the donkeys where they would have been taken care of by educated people that loves animals, for the donkey owners to have the opportunity to keep there donkeys there for free and then.... give all of it away to the town. 
However the town hall members responsible for the welfare  do not want to support the opportunity to give the donkeys a better quality of life.

I have promised so many people to never give this fight up, if a friendly hand dosent work then its just one solution left  "stop this barbaric amusement completely" its to make people aware of the donkeys lives, to stop people from riding the donkeys and also the horses that live under the same horrible, cruel conditions
4 years ago i open up a Facebook page
There are many pages, some of them has had to be closed down after death threats.
It has happen to me to, first time i was told that they would let me look when they cut the head of my dog and then it was my turn.
Second time i was told  "We know where you live"
Third time was a few days ago when i had a picture of a hand and a gun in my email.
Well..... bring it on, you cant stop me "Stupid"
Mijas pueblo animal cruelty is today the biggest page on Facebook and you are all welcome to see some more about the donkeys there and.... Please share it among your friends.... together we can stop this.
The donkey in the film, passed out after a long days work with the tourists.
The responsible person in the Town hall gave this answer when she was asked how its possible to let this man continue to work with the donkeys and horses "If we take him away, there will be a family in the village with a man without a job" was Nurias answer.... well i think it tells a lot about the stone age mentality when it comes to animals in Spain.