Who am i

My name is Mike Frizell and Im 54 years old

I moved to Spain and Costa del sol 2004
Spend  a few years in the Marbella aria but left it for La Cala

I left La Cala to go back to Gothenburg for a few years but i couldn't find the sun and i missed it.... back to Spain again and  this time to Gran Canaria ( nothing i can recommend if you dont want to live in a bazura ) 8 month in Playa del ingles was enough and over a day i came back to the main land and Fuengirola.
The last.... 6 years, my home town has been Mijas Pueblo, a beautiful very famous village up in the mountains from Fuengirola.

It was here it all started....

I realised that animal cruelty, the way horses, donkeys, dogs and cats are treated, is  just a way to earn money or toys for kids.
When a dog owner gets bored of the animal, it ends up being kicked out on the street or dumped up in the mountains, puppies used to be put in a plastic bag and dumped in the bin.
How they treat there hunting dogs will be my next mission and also to spread awareness all over Europe.

I started to mix my work as a sculptor with helping and sharing my profit from my job to people working with rescuing dogs.
To day.... i have put all my job with my sculptures on hold, i will spend a year preparing for my mission to try to save the future donkeys coming to Mijas pueblo

My best friend and the most reliable guy that walks by my side today is a 7 years old Mastiff  "Baloo"
Baloo is just another tragic story of the animal abuse that continues in Spain today, one among hundreds every day.
He was found hanging in a tree to die, his back legs was broken in 13 different places.  Right and left back hips dislocated, teeth kicked out, ear ripped off and 27 kilos ( suppose to be 70 kilos).
When i tried to get close to him, he laid down, screamed and urinated  through fear.
For 5 month, i slept together with him on the floor, forced him to stay close to me. 

To day, Baloo is a 50 kilos happy and safe dog that day by day gets some confidence back for the humanity.
He is relaxed and he is  starting to understand that over 6 years of hell has come to an end, he will never been hit or kicked again, he will have proper food several times a day and animal cruelty has been swapped to cuddling and love.
He knows that when its bed time its not changed up behind a house in the rain, its close to daddy in a warm clean bed.